Now it's easy to synchronize the loading of external movies like the ever-popular Swish/SWFX text effects, with streaming sounds and high-animation presentations. Just pre-load the external clips into the browser cache before the presentation starts, and then load them again when needed during your presentation. Notice how the text effects float in whenever there is a strong note played. This would be impossible if the clips had not been cached in advance, no matter how fast the user's connection is.

The demo above also shows you how a file that is not present (FAKEFILE.swf) is skipped after a specified delay period. It also pre-loads one fairly large file (soundtest.swf) to show you how the extras progress bar (round) functions. The other files being loaded are quite small, text effects, so those load very quickly. This demo is best tested on a slow connection, otherwise everything downloads so fast you can't really see what's going on.

An improved version of this demo will be available soon.

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