MegaMaze - A Maze Strategy Game

Level 1 - Lost Wanderer How to Play [?]
0 Courage Points
0 Coins

Open Inventory
Level Up! You hero has grown. Choose Wisely...
+ 20 Hit Points
+ 20 Mana Points
+ 10 Hit Points + 10 Mana Points
Repeat the Pattern to Unlock.
You have awakened in a strange place… surrounded by impenetrable walls and dark, menacing hallways… you must use your courage, cunning and intuition to escape the perils of the Mega Maze!
Explore the maze to find treasures, secret rooms, passages, and hallways. But watch out! The maze is under a strange spell driving even the most docile creatures to attack you on sight. Defeat the menacing creatures of the maze using weapons, or find items and incantations to defeat, frighten, or befriend the creatures of the maze.
Pick your Puzzle:
1. Choose a Maze – Select the maze you wish to attempt- the bigger the maze, the greater the challenge… and the reward.
2. Set Difficulty – Set the difficulty level to make the maze easier – or harder.
3. Choose Clan – Decide which clan you will join for each maze- will you be the speedy Verdane, or the powerful Montane? Choose wisely…each clan has advantages and weaknesses, including movement speed, attack strength, and starting inventory.
4. Find a Way Out!
%. See the Light - Move through the maze to light up maze tiles. Each square you have explored will appear brighter on the map. The surrounding tiles will appear darkened. You must walk on a tile to uncover it and see if there is anything hidden there. Each tile you explore gets you closer to finding your way out. But watch out- some paths are fraught with danger. Look for “sight” spells and torches to light up the places around you and reveal that which is hidden!
6. Courage points – You must be brave to face the maze! Gain courage points to level up your character and etch your name into the halls of the mega maze! You must face enemies, take risks and leaps of faith to gain courage points.
7. Hit points – Your life force is precious. The red bar shows your life. Once it is depleted, you will die. But even in death- the mega maze will not let you escape! You will be transported back to the starting point (or the last checkpoint you activated). Each time you die, you may lose courage points, treasures or items… so be careful and watch your health. Use healing and protection spells to gain life and shield yourself from the dangers of the maze.
8. Mana points – You can channel the magic of the mega maze into powerful incantations that can heal, or do harm. Every spell costs mana to use, and once you are out, your spell will no longer work. Explore dangerous new places or find restorative drinks to gain back your mana.
9. Coins – Collect coins to buy weapons, items, power ups and bonuses.
10. Activity Window – The lower right of the screen is your activity window- click the up/down/left/right buttons (or arrow keys) to move different directions, or zoom in or out of the map. The activity window shows what terrain you are in, active items and spells, and your progress through the maze. Click the Open Inventory button to access your inventory.
11. Terrain – Some terrain may harm you when you step on it- every time you step on it. Find special boots, suits and protective clothing to make your journey safer. Other terrain may restore your mana- but only the first time you explore it. Some clans may pass through different terrains more easily or receive extra healing.
12. Inventory – Your inventory may contain weapons, items, spells, and food. Open your inventory window to choose which items to activate. Only one of each weapon, spell, and item may be active at a time.
13. Weapons: Each weapon has an attack strength, and some weapons do extra damage to certain creatures. Going underwater? Equip the harpoon gun!
14. Spells: Choose a spell to arm, then click the spell button to use it. Some spells will shoot projectiles, cause explosions, or reveal hidden things.
15. Enchantments: An enchantment is a spell which is cast every time you move- these may help you see farther, provide protection or other effects.
16. Items: Some items may provide you with protection, light, or help you defeat or perplex your foes. Equip the item that works best for the challenges you will face!
17. Food / Drinks: Eat to live! Click food or drinks in your inventory to gain life, mana, or healing.
18. Obstacles: You will face great perils in the catacombs of the mega maze- watch out for traps, pitfalls and terrifying crazed creatures who have been driven mad with their desire to escape.
19. Jump! Taking leaps of faith may get you through an obstacle or lead to your demise. Be careful… but not too careful… it takes courage to escape!
20. Run! Shrinking away from an obstacle will cost you courage points. You may try to run away from an enemy but you may not escape unharmed.
21. Fight! Fighting and defeating foes will gain you courage points, but - sometimes it takes even greater courage to face an enemy and win without striking a single blow.

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Concept By Dylan Cooper
Programming by Ryan Cooper